How much lighter could grief feel, if it was carried in the hands of our communities?

Cass Humphries-Massey

Thanatology is the study of death, dying and grief. Or, as we like to think about it, Thanatology explores life, by asking questions about death.

CHM Thanatology is an Independent Thanatology practice, specialising in developing a compassionate understanding of grief and bereavement.

Death Education

Death and Grief Literacy Training,
Well Being Workshops, Resources.

Grief Coaching

Grief and Bereavement Guidance, for those in grief and those supporting through grief.


Workplace Bereavement Support Evaluations, Service Design and Bigger Ideas.

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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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All images by the immensely wonderful Verity E Milligan, unless otherwise stated.

All illustrations lovingly crafted by
Cass Humphries-Massey.