CHM Thanatology is explicitly and actively working from an anti-oppression stance. This commitment is underpinned by an irrevocable belief in social justice, equity, equality, dismantling white supremacy and paying true reparation.

This commitment is ongoing, and lifelong. CHM Thanatology works to acknowledge privileges and oppression, to centre marginalised voices, to challenge harm, to listen and learn from the people and communities impacted by oppression, to recognise our mistakes, and act with accountability and transparency.

Collective and individual grief is interwoven in every part of society, and no community carries the weight of this more than our black brothers, sisters and non-binary siblings, and those at the intersections of racialised experiences of gender, sexuality, disability, neurodiversity and class.

There are far more experiences, stories, injustices, violence, oppression, biological inequalities, complexities, trauma and history that could begin to be addressed here. Experiences of birth, life, education, sexuality and gender, work, business, land and spaces, housing, death, dying, endings and grief are entangled in systemic and overt racism and inequality.

These links highlight a fraction of the current work and thinking that works to dismantle oppressive systems, support individuals and communities and create spaces for collective action, rest and safety.

Thanatology holds a collective responsibility to decolonise death studies and grief and death care, to recognise the extractive and exploitative history that health, death and funeral care is built on. Thanatology is an interdisciplinary and cross boundary field of study and practice, it is the responsibility of all of levels involved in this practice to recognise their part in upholding systems and opportunities that take from, erase and harm communities with a history and present marked by oppression, prejudice and violence.

Cass holds a weekly collective online space to action anti-oppressive thinking and doing, every Tuesday morning, 10am – 12pm GMT. This is an open session, held by Cass, as a space to work together on getting things done. Register through eventbrite to receive Zoom details.

Last Updated: Autumn 2020