Anti-Oppression Session 28th July 2020

In last week’s session and blog, I highlighted the FiveXMore Campaign, which is campaigning for action on the increased risk of maternal death for Black mothers and birthing people in the UK. This quote is taken directly from the MBRRACE-UK 2018 report, and as shared on the FiveXMore Campaign. In addition to this, Black babies areContinue reading “Anti-Oppression Session 28th July 2020”

Anti-Oppression Session 21st July 2020

This morning was the third week of logging on to focus on the anti-oppression session, the plan for the morning was to to continue working on my Race Reflections’ anti-racism reflective booklet, begin to publicise the weekly event, and to check in on the progress of the Gender Recognition Act, the Government response to whichContinue reading “Anti-Oppression Session 21st July 2020”